Zinc Bar & Countertop for Lucy B Goode Coastal Cafe

The use of zinc as a countertop material has recently become a design trend. Like copper, Zinc is a reactive material that will show patina and change with age. Think of it as a “living” metal, which ages to a dull pewter-like color that separates zinc from other options like stainless steel. Zinc countertops have been a classic in bars and seafood restaurants, Shannon Musmanno, on behalf of Lucy “Lulu” Buffett, came to us with a great project, a bar and countertop for her new Lucy B. Goode Coastal Cafe in Gulf Shores, AL.

  • Zinc is naturally non-porous, so you can clean it with just soap and water.
  • It has anti-bacterial properties similar to copper, making it a great surface for prepping food.
  • The metal is easy to work with, so we were able to easily include decorative edges; the integrated zinc sink makes cleanup a breeze.

A few other considerations:

  • Zinc is soft, so it scratches easily if you cut directly on it. Be sure to have cutting boards handy.
  • It can warp if someone sets down a pot hotter than about 300 degrees (set down a red-hot iron pot and the zinc could melt). Be sure to tell guests not to set hot items on your zinc countertop! Keep trivets nearby.
  • Price: A zinc countertop costs $150 to $200 per sq. ft., depending on the thickness of the metal (you’ll want 15-gauge material that’s at least .060 thick). Stainless steel is less expensive.

That being said, zinc countertops are becoming more and more popular for residentail kitchen countertops as well as commercial. Contact us now for a quote.