Pergola with Stainless Steel Cable Railing

Made of Aluminum and Powder Coated White this beautiful Pergola was designed to create such a relaxing environment.  With an Aluminum Railing with Stainless Steel Cable this families Balcony became an oasis in itself.  The Stainless Steel Cabling allows the owner to see it’s extraordinary view from any side.  Two gates allow easy access to the rear deck and at the entry.  Not only was the cable railing on the Rear Deck and Front Balcony but also the stairs at the home owners entry.

  • Materials Used

    • aluminum
    • ,
    • powder coat finish
    • ,
    • stainless steel
  • Skills and Processes Used

    • design
    • ,
    • fabricating
    • ,
    • welding
  • Challenges

    : The Pergola was very large to install and required all hands on deck.

Lessons Learned

: No job is too big or too small.
These cables and aluminum railing and pergola will give this family many years of happiness. Both are durable and the Powder Coating should with stand the sea air and sand for many years.