This piece was Commissioned by the city of Gulf Breeze Fl and is located at the foot of the Three mile bridge that leads from Pensacola to Gulf Breeze.

“FUEGO” The swirling & twisting helical shapes are a Homage to the creative flame of the human spirit. We are born not just too live but to “Be Alive” & participate in life’s creative fire!

The 20′ Tall public sculpture is made of Aluminum 1/2″ thick plates, Rods and 2-1/2″ tubes. Stands on a three tired concrete pedestal surrounded by circular fence designed and built by the Artist and the Renaissance Man team. Notice the unique medallions in each panel that reflect the shapes in the sculpture. At night the reflective holographic grinder patterns reflect the computer controlled energy efficient LED lighting adding to the pleasure of the viewing experience. Artist: Kevin Marchetti Renaissance Man Inc.

  • Client

    • City of Gulf Breeze
  • Materials Used

    • aluminum
  • Skills and Processes Used

    • design
    • ,
    • die cutting
    • ,
    • welding
Consideration of the millions of lives projects like this touch and will touch, perhaps beyond the length of our lives is humbling.