Branded Gates & Awnings

Commercial gates combine natural cumaru hardwood (also known as Brazilian teak) with cut and bent aluminum (finished in black) and the aluminum and steel awnings represent the first use of a collaborative design with canvas-master, Tim Campbell of Islander Marine Canvas Shop. The awning design frame combines aluminum framing with sleek steel tension rods so that the canvas tension can be precisely adjusted.

The arms of the awning feature a slight curve creates a softer look and feel which is especially visible in a head on view. The  five inch thick gates themselves are composed of an aluminum framework that combines bended and cut pieces to create the three-dimensional curvature giving the old-world style to the cumuru hardwood lumber strapped together with stainless steel bolts.

The acorn nuts initially intended for use on the inside of the gates added to the design so they are what is seen against the black finish of the aluminum straps on the outside.

This project was commissioned by Aqua Decor & Design.