Blown Glass Sphere, Repurposed Heart Pine and Painted Steel

The client in this case, Vicki Boroco knew Kevin's work well enough to ask him to “surprise” her and Kevin went way out of the box here combining three mediums in this small residential staircase. The steps themselves are composed of heart pine he salvaged from an old house on 9th ave. in Pensacola – and if you know anything about wood, you know well that the wood that was used in construction 50 years ago contains much more resin than todays lumber products, making it far stronger and more resistant to deterioration.

The piano key design was personalized for the client because of her proficiency on and love for the instrument.

The glass globe was hand-blown by Pensacola's Joe Hobbs, founder of the Glass Art program at the Belmont Arts Center (now First City Arts Center), which is still going strong after 12 years.