Antique Wrought Iron Restoration at Pensacola Lighthouse Museum

Recently we were contacted by Matt Kuehne of the Pensacola Lighthouse Museum and asked to do some restoration of the antique metalwork on the lighthouse.

Antique Stair Closeup
Antique iron staircase before restoration.

The project included a full scraping and removal of loose rust flakes and chunks, and a rust treatment with a tannic acid-based rust neutralizer, followed by weld repairs and replacement of any metalwork that was beyond repair. Finally we treated every inch of the metalwork with a coat of red rust preventative oil-based primer and a topcoat of an oil-based black enamel.

Click on any image for a slideshow or read all about it on our blog.

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    • Pensacola Lighthouse Museum
[caption id="attachment_1580" align="alignright" width="150"]Antique Stair Closeup Antique iron staircase before restoration.[/caption] This project was an honor to participate in. Every time we have the opportunity to participate in restoring a piece of Pensacola history, we are humbled.