A Simple Explanation of Welding

Welding is probably the best know method of joining significant bodies of metal together. Soldering is also a well-known method of joining metals, but the “joint” (join point) is weaker because the metals being joined don’t actually melt, making it more applicable in electronics and fine art or jewelry-making than structural work. It’s not infrequent … Continued

Stainless steel cable, glass and ornamental metal balcony railings showcase the great outdoors. 

When the weather is good, it is really nice to sit out on your balcony and enjoy the view.     Stainless steel cable railings are great for giving you a clear view  Glass railings are another option for a crystal clear view.      Ornamental metal railings offer lasting safety and beauty for your home or business  Balcony railings … Continued

A Spring Addition for your Porch, Patio or Deck.

Friends and long-time customers, Renee and Gary, came by recently with their tired and worn out porch swing. Could we construct them a new swing that looked like the old one and would be both attractive and durable? Sad, isn’t it? We immediately got to work constructing this beauty. And even better, we made a second … Continued

Belly Up To Lucy B’s custom Zinc Bar

  Next time you’re in Gulf Shores, stop by the newly opened Lucy B. Goode restaurant, located next to LuLu’s at Homeport. Owner Lucy Buffett commissioned our skilled and experienced metalworkers to fabricate this massive zinc-topped bar for her newest casual dining establishment.  As you can see, the results are pretty spectacular. In addition to presenting … Continued

A Vessel Designed to Sink, Still Afloat

Realistically, many of us will not be diving down into the Gulf of Mexico to explore the Renaissance Man crew and Frank Patti’s latest endeavor, but it’s not too late to see this magnificent project in person because she’s docked behind the Joe Patti seafood market from now ’till Mid-June. It’s already received a bunch … Continued

A Tree Grows in East Hill

So, you have a particular spot on your lawn where nothing seems to grow. How do you address that in a creative and artistic way? You call Renaissance Man. Homeowners on 10th Avenue did exactly that, and the resulting steel tree blends beautifully with their existing landscaping.  Most people can’t tell that it’s not real … Continued