An Epic Plasma Cut Reception Desk

Stacy & Les Norris, owners of Epic, Inc Salon at 210 E. Government Street, Pensacola recently came to us with a request for some metal signs for the inside of their new salon. In order to enhance the contemporary feel of the salon, our amazing team cut their existing Epic, Inc logo out of a sheet of … Continued

The Challenge of Being Eco-Friendly

At the Renaissance Man office, we try to be mindful of our impact on the environment.  It can be difficult for a small business to balance the desire to be “green” with the necessity of keeping operating costs as low as possible.  While we adhere to the basic, common sense list of resource-saving activities (No disposable cups/plates/utensils, turn … Continued

Copper Sink Project

East Hill neighbor, Carolyn Smith, recently brought in the bottom part of a antique copper whiskey still she purchased from a local shop.  Or skilled crew began the project by fabricating a sturdy, curved iron base with decorative feet.  A small hole was cut in the bottom to accommodate a drain, so Carolyn could use it as a laundry sink.  They then cleaned, polished and waxed the … Continued