• Consultation: With decades of design and build experience, Kevin and the team are often called upon to provide economic and pragmatic insight into project planning and damage control.
  • Design: Drawing, drafting – Three dimensional drafting and rendering.
  • Products: Fences, gates, stairs, handrails, trellises, tables, chairs, bar stools, benches, sofas, lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces, pot racks, sculptures, wall sculptures, and custom creations limited only by our imagination.
  • Materials: Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, bronze, copper, nickel, silver and gold.
  • Techniques: Welding, brazing, silver soldering, casting, hot forging, bending, cutting, grinding.
  • Finishes: Painting, Powder coating, Patinas, texturing, hammering, natural, clear coat, rust finishes, and more.
  • Equipment: MIG, STICK,TIG and Gas torches, CNC Plasma cutter, CNC router table, Iron worker, sheet metal break, machine shop-Lathe, Mill, rolling bender, hydraulic bender, scroll bender, full paint booth and miscellaneous hand tools and equipment.

Owner, Kevin Marchetti

Kevin Marchetti, Owner/Founder
Kevin Marchetti, Owner/Founder

Kevin Marchetti (Renaissance Man), owner of Renaissance Fabrication, is an accomplished metal-smith, tool designer, artist and consultant who custom designs and fabricates functional art and museum class sculptures using a variety of techniques, metals and other materials. He holds degrees in both Civil Engineering Technology, and Drafting and Design. Renaissance Fabrication’s mission is to enhance client’s lives and the community ambiance with original, custom designs for functional and decorative art. Our functional art includes furniture, balcony rails, staircase handrails, ornamental fences, sculpture and more. We uses all types of metal – cast iron, bronze, copper and gold. We often incorporate several mediums including metals, paint, pastels, fused glass, ceramics and hand carved wood. No matter the medium, the art is thought provoking and reflects passion.

Marchetti has won numerous awards including 1st place at the Artell Gallery “Hands On” show, 1st and 3rd place in Jewelry at Pensacola Junior College. Prior to founding Renaissance Man in 2003, Marchetti worked at Westinghouse Electric Corporation where he earned several additional awards including five Patent Disclosures, five cost reduction awards, two Quality Achievement awards and 27 quality improvement change requests. In addition, Marchetti also designed and fabricated tools and fixtures on combustion turbine engines and was team leader on a D-5 test hoist stand while working on nuclear submarines and nuclear steam generators.

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