Jubilee! Sculpture in Gulf Breeze

Lou Mitchell Courtney and the crew at Renaissance Fabrication — lead fabricators Cleland Weller and Brad Fox, and Mike Briggs — installed a beautiful new sculpture in the city of Gulf Breeze recently. The artistic effort, titled “Jubilee!,” stands next to Home 2 Suites at the east end of Sea Shell Collections shopping center at 850 Gulf Breeze Pkwy.

Early this year, Courtney was asked to design a sculpture that is representative of the city of Gulf Breeze. The blue powder-coated aluminum’s clean, minimalist lines also form three abstract fish shapes with copper tails.

Renaissance Fabricators owner Kevin Marchetti was instrumental in executing the design with precision and attention to detail.

Marchetti previously designed and built the sculpture, “Fuego,” which was installed on the left side of the entrance to Gulf Breeze from the Gen. Chappie James Bridge. His company built the sculpture “Starlight,” which Courtney designed for Woodland Park.

The name Jubilee!, Courtney says, was actually inspired after the sculpture’s installation. The word “jubilee” encompasses several meanings, including the following: celebration, hope, justice and a commitment to serve God with joy and in peace with our brothers and sisters.

“It seemed like a timely choice,” says Courtney. ‘I am grateful to have had the opportunity to create ‘Jubilee!’ for Home 2 Suites and the city of Gulf Breeze. Special thanks to the man who started the movement of incorporating public art throughout the city of Gulf Breeze, Dr. Steve Zieman.”

Jubilee! Sculpture
Gulf Breeze Sculpture for Homes 2 Suites