Corvette Box for Operation Reconnect

Here at Renaissance Fabrication we get to design and fabricate some unique items. 2/28/2020 was no different. The organization called Operation Reconnect came to us and wanted us to design and build a Corvette Box to house a 2019 C7 Corvette Grand Sport. We created an all aluminum base which is covered with diamond plate and has hidden ramps. The top is Powder Coated White Aluminum. When it is all said and done this beautiful car will be encased in glass to protect it from the beach elements. It is really a sight to see this beautiful Corvette in all it’s glory with American Flags Waving behind it in this case. Come down to the Flora-Bama and get your ticket. You can buy 1 Ticket for $20 or 10 Tickets for $100.00. It’s for a great cause, reconnecting soldiers who return from a tour of duty and reuniting them with their families. They get to spend a week on our beautiful white beaches and relax. What are you waiting for? I’ve already bought my tickets!!!

Corvette Box in action