Finishing out 2016 with a bang!

On the coldest night of the year we hosted our Annual Christmas Bash and don’t you know, it was the best ever! The fires were going and the music was jammin, oyster shells littered the table close by our Mother Shucker,, don’t back up or you’ll run into our human sized pot of gumbo! Oh, the people…they danced and sang and stood in line for the kegerator.  We got to see some of our closest friends, family and great customers! The best part? We made many new friends! 

The Christmas presents! How could we forget? Along with clients purchasing our Mother Shucker and original Renaissance Man ornaments, we also got to fabricate some great gifts. Like this bad mama jama of a grill that we know will outlast all of us. Seriously guys, the great great great grand kids will be grillin’ their hybrid tofu burgers on this thing. 

Now for 2017! We know this will be a blessed year for all of us! Here at Renaissance Man Inc, we’re ready to conquer it!