A Vessel Designed to Sink, Still Afloat

DSCN4171Realistically, many of us will not be diving down into the Gulf of Mexico to explore the Renaissance Man crew and Frank Patti’s latest endeavor, but it’s not too late to see this magnificent project in person because she’s docked behind the Joe Patti seafood market from now ’till Mid-June. It’s already received a bunch of attention from local press, and locals have been requesting as many memorial plaques as we can keep up with. Some of the plaques may even even end up being mounted under water.

DSCN4163Here are a few photos we snapped, but especially with the beautiful weather, we hope you find a few minutes to check out the project for yourself down on the waterfront. In case you don’t know, Joe Patti is at the southernmost point of A Street, where it intersects with Main.

It will be interesting, for those who do dive the reef, to see how the colors look under water as opposed to above. Pensacola BeachImagine sitting down for an underwater cocktail with friends at this miniature Florabama. Might even run into a mermaid or merman out looking for a hot date, but be careful if you ever want to walk again, ’cause love can be tricky and you may end up with a tail in place of legs. Pensacola Beach Water TowerBut if you can keep the old heart from getting the best of you, you may want to suggest a submerged virtual tour of the area including a visit to Pensacola Beach, a historic walk – or swim – through some local history including some ghost ships, the five flags which have flown over the city and maybe even catch a blue angels air show before calling it a day (or night).

DSCN4269DSCN4260As you may know, you can click on any of the images to the side and above this writing to view a slideshow of the project and of course we appreciate your comments, questions, confusion and even voiced resentment – we know we know – a lot to be jealous of but Renaissance Man Inc has been years in the making and not everything we get to do is quite this cool.


Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in finding out about purchasing a memorial plaque, or contact Emerald Coast Keeper directly and we’ll get you set up.

Call Sava Varazo at (850) 712-9566 to Request a Memorial Plaque.