Fabricating a New World from the Raw Metals of Last Year

To say that 2012 was an easy year would be a stretch of the truth. The Renaissance Man metal fabrication team have had our share of personal challenges this past year and like the rest of the Western World, we are still working within the confines of a struggling economy, but it’s also been one of our most rewarding years to date in terms of creative opportunities.

Fuego Lit at Night
Fuego Lit at Night

Having Kevin’s seventeen foot tall aluminum FUEGO sculpture on permanent display at the foot of the Three Mile Bridge in Gulf Breeze has brought us a great deal of attention, and we are also grateful to have been involved in the design and fabrication of our dear friend Lou-Mitchell Courtney’s STARLIGHT sculpture, in which we rendered a three foot model from her concept sketches which was ultimately produced as a large stainless steel sculpture.

We recently had some photos of the two sculptures captured by Jef Bond, which we share with you here, and the sculpture was featured on the cover of Gulf Breeze Magazine, with an article about our work inside.

The year also yielded a more pragmatic collaborative effort in which we worked with local canvas master, Tim Campbell in the development of a sleek, ergonomic and economical awning design, which is included in the new Aqua Decor & Design location for which Renaissance Man custom designed double-swing gates as well. Click here for a look at their awesome new developing location. We’ve enjoyed working with Liz and the crew there.