We Want Your Input

Paper Towel and Bath Tissue Holders
Paper Towel and Bath Tissue Holders

Most of you are familiar with the Renaissance Man Fish and Hands, and we are looking at other simple fun, creative projects we can get into to turn these tons of metal that accrue around the shop into little gift items and art objects.

Leigh is coming up with things like napkin holders, business card holders, wall hooks, paper towel holders, firewood caddies, candle sconces, coat racks, light fixtures, door knockers and mail boxes.

We’d love to hear what kind of items you would be interested in seeing from Renaissance Man. Please feel free to offer suggestions by commenting below. We’re also always happy to hear from you by email or on Facebook.

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  1. Art for art sake is the best, but practical functional art that you can use is something everyone can appreciate! How about unique one of a kind kitchen utensils, I.E. spatulas, spoons… What type of thing would you like to see?

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