A metal fabricators word for Gondola Oar-Maker

Categorization! Is it a branch of philosophy ’cause it sure feels like it sometimes. If ever there was a Renaissance Man request that belonged in a miscellaneous category this has to be it: A Gondola Oar. Yes. Those boats you see the old men taking people around on in Venice. And of course Kevin has a friend who has one – and wouldn’t you know it – needed an oar made.

So Kevin – or more specifically Kevin, Daniel Money and Frank Dunca – became reméri for a day. Yes, reméri is the word for the makers of gondola oars. As opposed to squerarioli, which is the word for the makers of gondolas. Don’t ask how Kevin knows these things… or do.

But the point is, I’m charged with entering this item into the Renaissance Man Online Gallery of Metal Worked (Metal-workinged, metal-fabricated, ironed?) items and it seems to defy category. Do we add a category for oars? Seriously, how often is a gig like this gonna come along? Possibly a boat accessories category would be appropriate. They definitely end up doing some repairs and customization to the aluminum (Agh, see? Here we go again – the aluminum what? What is the catch-all term for the aluminum pipes that hold canvas and the like on the tops of boats? Thank goodness for search engines. There used to be a non-electronic way to find these things out. Encyclopedia? How do you look up “aluminum elements on top of boats” in a dictionary? Okay – googled “aluminum boat pipes”, and “rigging” seems to be the term, which apparently includes: Towers, Hard Tops, T-Tops, Radar Arches, Rod Racks – Custom & Bolt-On, Rod Racks – In-bed Truck Racks, Rod Holders, Leaning Posts, Outriggers, Bow Rails, Hand Rails, Aft Rails, Stern Rails, Electronics and United States Coast Guard Pilot House Sun Shades) rigging.

Kevin and Leigh will figure it out.