The Challenge of Being Eco-Friendly

At the Renaissance Man office, we try to be mindful of our impact on the environment.  It can be difficult for a small business to balance the desire to be “green” with the necessity of keeping operating costs as low as possible.  While we adhere to the basic, common sense list of resource-saving activities (No disposable cups/plates/utensils, turn out lights, use a programable thermostat, recycle paper), we’ve implemented a few additional measures that we feel fit within both our business needs, and the wellbeing of our planet:

  • We use small tools that are rechargable to help eliminate the need to buy batteries.
  • We encourage e-mail communications rather than faxes and only print documents when absolutely necessary.
  • We recycle our office furniture rather than buying new.
  • We ask our suppliers to use the minimum amount of packaging possible, then reuse it in a variety of ways.
  • We use a permanent coffee filter in our office machine instead of paper filters.  The used grounds can be saved for compost.
  • We request that all of our Trade Publication subscriptions be sent in digital format rather than hard-copy paper format.
  • We do as much of our banking and invoicing as possible online, and request E-bills from our vendors, utility providers and financial organizations.

Being environmentally kind while maintaining a healthy small business is a challenge, but small concessions made by our entire crew can eventually reap big rewards for everyone involved.