I’m not really sure what I want, but can you tell me how much it costs?

Hi, I’m  Mike, the Renaissance Man web guy.

We were talking about adding some information about pricing to the website, and are still working on the best way to give customers a clear picture of the costs of what they might be looking for without offering any unrealistic expectations.

Kevin has been doing custom metal work for a long time around the Pensacola area and has had his share of interesting requests, questions, emergencies, exceptions, expectations and demands.

His mention of the inquiry, “I’m not really sure what I want, but can you tell me how much it costs?” prompted my first blog entry here, and Kevin says he gets that “all the time, bro.”

His response?

“Hey, if you come to me with a budget I can tell you what is possible. Or what’s better is if you come to me with exactly what you want and if it’s not within your budget, we can back it off a little bit.”

“I get that all the time, too.”

“But I always recommend spending a little more and get exactly what you want.
If you really want a 47 inch TV and you get that 27 inch you’re gonna be sorry in the long run”, Marchetti continues. “If somebody has a vision it’s nice to have drawings or visions.”

Up here at her perch in the office, Leigh adds, “or a picture of something similar
in a magazine or at a friends house to convey the idea… to help inspire a Renaissance Man original design”

They both emphasize that “Nothing will be copied. Nothing will be duplicated. Everything is original.”