A Stainless steel jaguar is born!

When West Florida Tech High school asked me to bring design a mascot for them I knew right away stainless steel would be the way to go.  It is a technology high school and nothing says technology like stainless.   I began by studying the  Jaguar, did you know the bones of a house cat have the exact same structure as all wild cats?  I find cats to be fascinating and beautiful creatures. With long slinky bodies and graceful movements they are simply elegant.  But elegance is not the main quantity you need in a mascot,  you need strength and power, fortunately the Jaguar has these qualities as well.  Now armed with these goals I do a few sketches till I am satisfied with the look.  The next step is to scan the drawing and import it into Auto cad.  I then broke down the components and illustrated it in 3-D.  
The folks at the School loved it! After a bit if fund raising we were ready to go.  I started by water jet cutting and shearing all of the components. Then forming and welding , the mouth was the trickiest part. But soon a Jaguar was born!  It was a great project and I feel honored to be able to create something that will give the school a great sense of identity for years to come …


2 responses to “A Stainless steel jaguar is born!

  1. So Kevin, is this a hollow object created by connecting two identical sides together? I’m also curious how much something like this weighs? Could one person move it? -Mike

    1. HI Mike,
      Yes two sides are welded together with a strip of metal formed between them to make the “Box”. The six foot long Jaguar weighed about o hundred plus pounds when he was done.
      Thanks, – Kevin

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