Copper Sink Project

Copper Sink

East Hill neighbor, Carolyn Smith, recently brought in the bottom part of a antique copper whiskey still she purchased from a local shop.  Or skilled crew began the project by fabricating a sturdy, curved iron base with decorative feet.  A small hole was cut in the bottom to accommodate a drain, so Carolyn could use it as a laundry sink.  They then cleaned, polished and waxed the container and the base.  The result seen above is an amazing copper sink for Carolyn’s remodeled laundry room.

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  1. SOOO impressed with The Renaissance Man!! Called him up to ask him advice on fixing a large antique laundry tub that I have, and he was generous with his time, advice and kindness!! I am most grateful to him! Beautiful work on this website, and will visit it often! Unfortunately, too far away to visit in person : (
    Thank you Renaissance Man!

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